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Dirty Paws Studio

That's us

That's us
Daniela Meinhardt
Fabian Schober

We are Dirty Paws Studio, a small and independent video game developer located in Klagenfurt, Austria. Our focus is on video games and creating gamified experiences, but our interest lies in all types of interactive media.

Our current main project is Electric Alps, a 2D puzzle game about wiring up houses in a remote Austrian village. Besides that, we are working on several cooperative projects focusing on serious games and gamification.

Whether you are a fellow developer, enthusiast or interested in collaborating with us, we are always eager to get in touch. Connect with us on social media or send us a message to


Battling alone is tough. We thank our associates for their knowledge, help, training and support.


We are always happy to chitter and chatter about our games and projects. If you are too, feel free to contact us at .
You can find additional information using the project links above as well as our Press Kit.. For branding, image and photo material, see our Media Kit.